Our Bilingual Digital "Safe House" for Nurturing Inner Growth and Unleashing Your Inner Brilliance.

Why Sumiloff Academy of Human Integration?

Sumiloff Academy is a bilingual (English & Finnish) gathering place for mature but tender souls who have weathered the storms of childhood pain and trauma. Mostly feeling like they missed out on a happy childhood and loving parents, our students seek to claim back their lives, reparent themselves with love and self-respect, and share their emerging, authentic selves and inner genius with the world. 

No, you are not naive for wanting more simplicity, kindness, and magic in your life. In our nurturing community, you'll discover a sanctuary to breathe, establish a baseline of emotional security, and share your journey of growth with a family of kindred spirits who truly understand you and want to share your wins and challenges with you! This sanctuary helps you to move from "What about me?" to "What do I want my life to be?".

As you regain your composure, we'll lead you through a distinctive path of personal healing and empowerment. With the help of Merja Sumiloff's reparenting curriculum, compassionate mentors walk beside you as you uncover the enduring flame within, capable of dispelling the darkness of your present, unbearable life circumstances. 

Recognizing the uniqueness and complexity of each individual, you can tailor our reparenting curriculum to suit your specific needs. Our mentors approach you with genuine consideration for your personal identity and current life stage. At the Academy, you'll find a community of supportive individuals committed to helping you develop crucial life skills for crafting an authentic and personally meaningful life - FOR YOU.

The Results Await You:

As a valued member of the Sumiloff Academy of Human Integration, you will:

  1. Discover Simplicity, Security, and Comfort: Find solace in an uncomplicated, gentle, and supportive group that comprehends your past and present struggles.

  2. Share Freely and Receive Support: Openly share your experiences and receive empathetic support without dogmatism, martyrdom, manipulation, or repression. 

  3. Leave Behind Your Childhood Pain: Learn and apply Merja Sumiloff's Inner Parenting Curriculum to discover your truth, values, inner wisdom and power.

  4. Improve your unbearable circumstances: our mentors show you how to take back your power by prioritizing your needs, setting (loving) boundaries, and discovering a flow as you build a life of integrity and true service. 

When is a good time to join the Academy?

Many of our students embark on this journey during challenging life transitions that compel them to find inner strength amidst chaos. Whether facing heartbreak from relationships, coping with the loss of a loved one—particularly from an abusive relationship or family dynamics—or navigating through job loss and housing instability, we offer support for tender souls.

Yet, it's not solely unforeseen hardships that lead individuals to join us in this transformative experience. Some choose to reparent themselves proactively, preparing for marriage or parenthood, or before embarking on a new career or relationship journey. 

So, when is a good time to join the Academy? Right now may be the time for you to join. If you are preparing for or are already in the midst of a profound change in your life, you may need some expert support right now. Or if you are simply ready to leave behind the hurt you have been carrying since your childhood days, there is no better day to join than today.

When You Join Today:

If you want to make sense of your life and become whole for you and those you love, consider joining the Sumiloff Academy today. When you join, you'll embark on a transformative journey with access to:

  • Inner Parenting Curriculum: Engage with Merja Sumiloff's interactive written/audio/video course, guiding you through a profound healing and reparenting process. Enhance your ability to confront past traumas and shape a better future.

  • Weekly Group Mentoring: Attend Mentor Office Hours designed to deepen self-understanding and build resilience. Receive immediate feedback on your wins and challenges while experiencing non-judgmental peer support from other students. 

  • Supportive Community: Communicate with other members to share your everyday experiences and insights in a secure environment. Posting about your day helps you gain valuable perspectives, support, and advice from those who have walked a similar path, fostering an experience of mutual and profound healing.

Sumiloff Online Academy is the Safe Space I never had growing up. ~L.B.

The Sumiloff Online Academy is a safe, trauma-informed, anti-racist, anti-discrimination space where you can heal, develop, and achieve your desired goals. 

Join like-minded people today to create a more compassionate, joyous, and effective world for us and the generations that follow.

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